Tillandsias / Air plants: 

– Lighting: Sunny location (note: strong direct sunlight can cause scorching).
– Humidity: Humidity tolerant (ensure good air circulation or plant may rot).
– Watering: Submerge plant in water weekly, gently shake off ALL excess water to prevent rotting.

Succulents / Cacti
(drought tolerant):

– Lighting: Keep in your brightest location (note: strong sunlight may refract through glass and cause scorching).
– If succulents begin to stretch and elongate, they may not be receiving enough strong sunlight. Some succulents may also turn greener in winter months, but should return to more vivid colours in sunnier seasons!
– Humidity: Do not like humidity (require a dry atmosphere, so will be unhappy in a fully enclosed terrarium).
– Watering: In growing periods(Apr-Sep), water sparingly, approx. every 10 days, if possible add succulent/cacti water soluble food once a month. In dormant Winter periods (Oct-Mar) water monthly (some experts say you can cease watering altogether). ALWAYS allow the soil to dry out between watering.

Ferns & Mosses
(moisture loving):

– Lighting: Shady / semi-bright location (prefer indirect sunlight).
– Humidity: Love humidity.
– Watering: Water weekly to keep soil damp, but don’t water log roots.

(half ‘n’ half):

– Lighting: Semi-bright location (prefer indirect sunlight).
– Watering: Water weekly, with a few tablespoons of water at the base of stems / cluster.
Don’t overwater or bulbs can end up rotting.